Small Coco Flower Disc Mala

Small Coco Flower Disc Mala

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This is an eco-friendly, vegan interpretation of the traditional disc malas. Like classic Tibetan disc malas, it has 108 main beads plus spacers and a guru bead, but instead of being made of bone, the main beads are 8mm coco beads cut in the shape of flowers.

These wavy coco flowers add not only visual interest, but offer a unique tactile experience to help focus your meditation and encourage you to take time to reflect as you move the beads. These coco beads were harvested and handcrafted from coconut trees in the Philippines.

The spacer beads and guru are 12mm old palmwood beads, also from the Philippines. The palmwood beads are centered between 10mm creamy white anahaw seeds. Anahaw (Saribus rotundifolia) is a species of palm that is found throughout Southeast Asia and the Philippines, where its leaves are also woven to make lovely fans.

The beads are strung on premium 49-strand steel beading wire, and finished with a handmade tan hemp tassel.

~ Disc Malas ~

As with most of my coco disc malas, this mala is intended for mantras or focusing your thoughts in your meditation space, or for traveling in a pouch. This mala is not large enough to be worn.

If you are looking for a disc mala that you can wear and that will hold up to heavy use, I do also make wooden disc malas.

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