About Dream Raven Designs Pocket Malas

What Is a Pocket Mala?

A pocket malas is a petite version of a wrist mala. These pocket malas have twenty-seven 6mm beads, but instead of being worn on your wrist, these mini malas Amethyst pocket malaare designed to travel in your pocket, purse, or pouch.

Pocket malas are perfect for setting on your desk or the console of your car, reminding you to take deep, relaxing breaths throughout the day or to release tension during your commute.

Pocket malas are even small enough to use in your pocket while waiting at a doctor's office, in line at a grocery store, or for a job interview—anywhere you need a little extra help centering yourself.

Using a Pocket Mala

Bird's Eye Rhyolite pocket malas

Depending on the size of your hand, these pocket malas fit over three to four fingers, allowing your thumb to effortlessly move the beads, which are strung loosely for ease of movement, around your fingers.

While malas are traditionally used for counting mantras or prayers, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, pocket malas are a beautiful, tangible way to help you clear your mind or focus your thoughts.

Even if you are not counting them, the simple act of moving a pocket mala's beads is soothing, calling your mind away from worries of the past or future to the peace of the present moment.






Built for Durability

Dream Raven Designs beading wire pocket malas are constructed for longevity and frequent use. They are strung on high-grade 49-strand nylon-coated steel beading wire, which is both strong and extremely flexible. The beading wire and the sterling silver crimp beads used to seal the wire are made in the US. 

Dragon's Blood Jasper Pocket MalaTassels are beautiful, but being constantly stuffed in a pocket can leave them looking ragged, which is why these pocket malas feature durable charms. Most Dream Raven Designs pocket malas are finished with Silver Hill Tribe solid fine silver charms. These charm are handcrafted in Thailand by members of the Karen tribe.

All types of stones used for these pocket malas have a Mohs hardness of 5.5 or greater for resistance to scratching and breakage when bumping into other items in your pocket.



You can view the complete line of Dream Raven Design pocket malas here.

If you see a charm you love on a different type of stone, just contact me to have a pocket mala with your preferred type of stone and charm custom made at no additional charge.