African Turquoise

About African Turquoise

While it is often mistakenly sold as Turquoise, African Turquoise is actually a lovely spotted jasper mined in Africa. Along with the standard jasper metaphysical traits, African Turquoise has been associated with wealth and positive changes.

Most African Turquoise beads are dyed to amplify their turquoise color, but I chose these particular beads for their softer, more natural tones than intensely colored African Turquoise.

I do not offer true Turquoise pocket malas because untreated Turquoise is too soft to hold up as a pocket mala, and non-dyed stabilized true Turquoise beads are increasingly rare and expensive. Low-priced "turquoise" is nearly always one of the many Turquoise substitutes, not true Turquoise.

Visually African Turquoise is one of the best Turquoise substitutes currently available. As a much harder stone, African Turquoise is perfect for those who love the look of Turquoise but want an affordable travel mala that will hold up to everyday use.

African Turquoise blends the unique appearance of Turquoise with the durability, affordability, and metaphysical strength of jasper, and is a gorgeous stone in its own right.

African Turquoise is associated with growth—both personal and monetary, because when you truly focus on personal growth there are no limits to what you can achieve in all aspects of your life.