About Bloodstone

This Indian Bloodstone is a stunning, deep green with red flecks. Bloodstone has been considered a powerful healing stone since ancient Mesopotamia and called Heliotrope by the Greeks, who believed it had powers connected to the sun. In the Middle Ages bloodstone was connected to the blood of Christ, giving Bloodstone one of its other names, the Martyr's Stone.

Traditionally Bloodstone was used to treat a wide variety of physical ailments, stop bleeding, detoxify the body and promote energy, strength and courage. It was worn as a talisman, set on the body to aid circulation or cure wounds, and even ground into a powder and consumed to heal from within.

While these days there are far better options available to assist in physical healing, Bloodstone is still a powerful emotional and spiritual aid. Bloodstone can help you focus your energy on healing, find courage and relieve anxiety when dealing with major medical issues. It has also been associated with emotional and spiritual healing after traumatic events and finding the strength to overcome any of life's challenges.