Dragon's Blood Jasper

About Dragon's Blood Jasper

Dragon's Blood Jasper and Bloodstone are often sold interchangeably, although they are each their own uniquely beautiful stones and are actually quite different in appearance. The greens of Dragon's Blood Jasper tend to be mossy and earthy while the greens of Bloodstones are more blue tinted.

Dragon Blood Jasper also has more intricate patterning with deeper red intermingling with the reptilian green that gave rise to the legend of these stones being the remains of ancient dragons. Along with its alternate name of Dragon Stone, Dragon's Blood Jasper is also referred to as the stone of courage.

Dragon's Blood Jasper is said to help cultivate courage and self-confidence, especially with interacting in social situations and finding the strength to fight to help others with kindness and compassion.

The stones used to create these Dragon's Blood Jasper beads are from South Africa.