Pietersite is an uncommon and uniquely beautiful stone with an appearance that is often compared to a storm. Each bead looks like its own mini planet with clouds appearing to move across the surface as the beads are turned.

Because multiple minerals are incorporated in Pietersite, the color can vary based on the location it is mined. Traditional Pietersite is found in Namibia (where it was first discovered) and South Africa. This Golden Pietersite was mined in China and has softer blues and more gold tones. Like all Pietersite these stones have energetic swirls of iridescent, in this case, gold-hued fibers.

Pietersite is partially made up of Tiger's Eye and has that stone's amazing ability to play with light. This Golden Pietersite has more quartz inclusions than typical Pietersite, adding both to the stone's energy capacity and shimmering effect.

Also known as the tempest stone, Pietersite is said to be a powerful stone that can use its storm-like energy to break up bad habits while stimulating your creative energy and ability to dream.