Large Linen Knotted Rudraksha Mala

Large Linen Knotted Rudraksha Mala

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This large 108 bead rudraksha mala is created from 10mm rudraksha beads knotted onto golden yellow four-strand waxed linen.

The knotting is traditional for rudraksha malas. It protects the beads from each other and from getting lost should the strand break. While like any natural material, waxed linen will wear with use, it is a strong natural fiber alternative to the traditional silk thread.

The guru bead is a 10mm rudraksha bead, and the mala is finished with a handmade tassel. I made the tassel for this mala out of 10 lb golden yellow hemp cord, which has been unwound to create a crimped texture.

The default tassel color on most of my rudraksha malas is a traditional yellow, but I am happy to custom make rudraksha malas with any tassel color of your choice.

Unlike Tibetan-style malas, which are generally worn on the wrist, these Hindi-style mala are usually worn as necklaces. Your rudraksha mala can either be worn to help you stay mindful throughout the day or used for counted mantras during meditation.

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