Miniature Crabapples - Centennial

Miniature Crabapples - Centennial

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These are 1:12 scale miniature crabapples. Many crabapple trees are grown as flowering ornamentals and make tiny super tart fruit. Centennial, however, is one of the few varieties of crabapples that make deliciously sweet wee dessert apples.

Centennial crabapples have a unique oval shape. These miniature crab apples are modeled after Centennial crabapple fruit harvested from the young Centennial crab apple tree growing outside my studio.

Miniature crabapples are hand sculpted from premium polymer clay and colored with pastels before they are baked and glazed. As they are handmade, and each is meant to be unique, there is some variation in size, color, and shape from piece to piece, but these miniature crabapples are about 3/16" (4mm) long.

Miniature crabapples are sold in sets of three and six.

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