Miniature Tomato - Chianti Rose

Miniature Tomato - Chianti Rose

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These 1:12 scale miniature tomatoes are sculpted from premium polymer clay and modeled after Chianti Rose tomatoes that were grown here on the farm.

Chianti Rose is a beefsteak tomato with a beautiful pinkish-red skin. These tomatoes can weigh up to two pounds. The plants I grew here were widely variable, making everything from impressively large irregularly shaped tomatoes to petite symmetrical tomatoes on the same plant.

This miniature tomato collection feature the whole range of fruit shapes and sizes that my Chianti Rose plants produced. All the smaller sizes are available with or without tops (which tend to be ruffly on the Chianti Rose) since some come off the plants with their tops and other without. The large tomatoes all have tops because all of my large Chianti Rose tomatoes held onto their tops tightly when harvested because the folds of the larger tomatoes tighten around the tops.

As they are handmade, and each is meant to be unique, there is some variation in size, color and shape from piece to piece. The average size for each variation is included below, listed in the order they appear in the second, third, and forth photos.

1) Small - No top: 3/16" (4mm) wide
2) Medium - Top: 3/8" (7mm)
3) Oval - No top:1/4" (5mm) wide and tall
4) Large - Top: 1/2" (12mm) long
4) Medium - No top: 3/8" (7mm)
6) Oval - Top: 1/4" (5mm) wide and tall
7) Small - Top: 3/16" (4mm) wide

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