Miniature Tomato - Taxis

Miniature Tomato - Taxis

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These 1:12 scale miniature tomatoes are sculpted from premium polymer clay and modeled after Taxis tomatoes that were grown here on the farm.

Taxis is an early yellow slicer tomato. The fruit is a cheery yellow and forms in bunches on productive plants. The large quantity of fruits and the tight bunches create tomatoes in a variety of shapes and sizes that range from round to somewhat oval. The full-size versions average around 5 ounces.

As they are handmade, and each is meant to be unique, there is some variation in size, color and shape from piece to piece. The average size for each variation is included below. The mixed set of three includes two small and one medium tomato.

Small - 1/8" (3mm)
Medium - 3/16" (5mm)

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