Miniature Wren Nest Box

Miniature Wren Nest Box

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This is a 1:12 scale Carolina Wren nest box, though the style would be enjoyed by most species of wren. Wrens have a tendency to nest in all sorts of odd places, and many prefer more open accommodations than the small hole of classic birdhouses.

The full-size version of this house was designed by Bob Orthwein. I scaled down the plans with only a couple modifications to allow for better viewing of the wee wren eggs inside.

This miniature version is about 1/2" tall and wide (15mm by 14mm). At 1/16", the wood is to scale for a nest box constructed of the recommended 1" dimensional lumber. The eggs are also to scale at about 1/16" (1.5 mm).

The nest box is made of bass wood that I stained with acrylic washes to mimic cedar and sealed with natural shellac. The nest inside is woven from a mix of green and brown yarns and threads salvaged from the scrap jar.

The wren eggs were sculpted from premium polymer clay and speckles were added to mimic the beautiful eggs of the Carolina Wren. Both the eggs and nesting material are securely glued into the bottom of the nest box.

This miniature wren house is meant for indoor enjoyment only and is not constructed for use in an outdoor miniature display.

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