Miniature Zucchini - Golden

Miniature Zucchini - Golden

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These 1:12 scale miniature yellow zucchini are sculpted from premium polymer clay and modeled after Golden zucchini that were grown here on the farm.

Golden is a newer variety (at least compared to the other summer squash I grow) that was introduced in 1973 by W. Atlas Burpee. It inherited its lovely golden yellow color from crossing Bicolored gourd with one of Burpee's older classic zucchini, Fordhook. The fruit are a rich yellow, often with some yellow blending up into the stems, which is replicated on these miniature versions.

As they are handmade, and each is meant to be unique, there is some variation in size, color and shape from piece to piece, but these Golden zucchini are about 5/8" to 6/8" (1-1/2 to 2 cm) long.

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