Miniature Zucchini - Rogue Rugosa

Miniature Zucchini - Rogue Rugosa

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These are 1:12 scale light yellow zucchini with bumpy skin and a crook in the neck. These miniature courgettes are sculpted from premium polymer clay. The models for these fruit were collected here at the farm from a rebel Rugosa Friulana plant that we gave the honorary title of Rogue Rugosa.

Rugosa Friulana (wrinkled from Friuli) is a classic Italian zucchini with warted skin, and a wider end similar to the crookneck summer squash but with a more subtle neck curve. But the fruits from the model plant were quite elegant—long and narrow with a slighter texturing of the skin and only a very narrow bulb. They were too unique not to miniaturize!

As they are handmade, and each is meant to be unique, there is some variation in size, color and shape from piece to piece, but these Rogue Rugosa zucchini are about  5/8" to 6/8" (1-1/2 to 2 cm) long for the small size. The large (shown in center of the photos) is a similar length, just slightly longer and a bit wider for those looking for size variation in their display.

Rogue Rugosa are available individually or in sets of three. The mixed set of three includes one large and two small zucchinis.

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