Sibucao Redwood Mala

Sibucao Redwood Mala

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This durable, lightweight 108 bead Tibetan-style Sibucao wood mala is strung on nylon-coated 49-strand steel beading wire. It is an excellent choice for a mala that is going to get heavy use or be regularly worn.

Sibucao is a uniquely beautiful red wood that absorbs oils from the skin and becomes even more beautiful with wear. In the sun, it has a shifting iridescent appearance similar to Tiger's Eye stones.

The main beads of this redwood mala are 8mm Sibucao with 10mm beads framing the four-cut oval 20mm Sibucao spacers. Sibucao rice beads lead up to the guru, which is a union of all three beads used in the main mala.

The tree that provides this incredibly beautiful red wood has an abundance of common names—Sibucao, Sapang, Sappan and simply Redwood are just a few. Sibucao (Caesalpinia sappan) is not only gorgeous but for centuries has also been used medicinally and as a source of natural red dye.

Sibucao has a similar appearance to Brazil wood, but is native to much of Southeast Asia, India and China. The redwood for these beads was harvested in the Philippines where it is grown as part of the Go Green Philippines reforestation program.

The handmade tassel is unfurled green variegated hemp cord that plays off the color of the Sibucao beads and their connection to nature and life.

The Sibucao beads used for these malas are natural, handmade items. As such, there can be a notable difference between batches.

Unlike the ones in the photo, my current batch of Sibucao beads does have a noticeable color difference between the main 8mm and rice beads (an exceptionally rich orange/red), and the 10 and 20mm spacers beads (the more standard reddish/yellow). Both colors are beautiful and complement each other well.

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